Work for you (Building Boundaries)

Work for you (Building Boundaries)

I will have to say that building boundaries has been the hardest thing for me to do in both my personal and business life. I mean, Like I don't want to offend anyone ( ya know what I mean?) However, I had to seperate the positives from the negatives. I had to realize who is with or not with me. And that is so ok. A lot of people will not understand your passion and will try to question your moves. While others will always be  a possitive support system for you. 

How do I determine the difference? ( Glad you asked) 

I decided a few months ago that I will no longer write my goals down. Instead I decided to write down my DESIRES. My daily,weekly,monthly and year long desires. When we set a goal for ourselves we have a tendency to set it so high that we can not achieve them. A desire is something that we are personally excited and passionate about. (same goes for your support system) 

You only want to surround yourself with those that support your desires. Your cheerleaders! Those who want to see you achieve your success. So start setting your boundaries now. (don't wait) 

Trust me.

Stay Fab~You~Lous




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