No Regrets

No Regrets

Last Night, right before I was about to go "LIVE" on my Facebook business page, I recieved a text from a dear old friend asking if she could call me. "Of course" I said. So she called and of course with a heavy heart, I answered. This call about about The death of one of our friends. I was so angry at first hearing bits and pieces about what had actually happened. They are still piecing the circumstances together. Noone knows. However, My mind shifted to her children. They were the ones who had found her. And My heart completely broke for all of them. I began to think about her life mate, The father of her children. And how he must be feeling. I know thier children is #1 to him. I seriously just want to HUG all of them.

Unfortunately, I do have a very personal sadness. My friend and I had always been close. We all have our own personal demons. And due to unfortunate circustances we haven't spoken in over 5 years. I have to forgive that. 

We only have this one life to live. so LIVE IT HAPPY  you deserve it. Forgive and grow. 

I Love your faces,

TracySue Altom

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