Just Be You (allow me to help you straighten your crown)

Just Be You (allow me to help you straighten your crown)

 We are always so wrapped in other peoples lives that we have a tendency to forget who we are. We forget about our purpose, our true meaning and our place on this earth. Everyday I work on being a better person, a better wife, a better employee and a better leader. I, myself have this tendency to put others before me and for that I lost a little bit of myself. 

So what am I doing about this? Well, I decided that everyday after I have had my first cup of coffee (lol) that I would write down 3 things that I love about myelf. (easy Right?) Um, No. actually this is probably one of the hardest challenges that I have given myself. We see ourselves a lot differently than what others see. I personally feel that we are way too hard on ourselves and it is harder to forgive you than to forgive others. ( are ya feeling me here?) 

I have decided that there is enough negativity in this world and now I have to do my part to keep positive and keep smiling. So what are the 3 things that I love about myself today?

#1 I love my giving spirit. I give and never expect anything in return.

#2 I love my sense of humor. If I can at least make myself laugh today, I am winning.

#3 I love my stubborness. By being stubborn, I know that I will never GIVE UP!!!! 

stay Fab~You~Lous,




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